New generation of products with nanotechnology

DG Investments, Inc. is a market leader in medical products using technology that produce and emit far infrared and negative ions
Blum Sterile Gauze

Blum Sterile Gauze

Blum Sterile Gauze Sponges are a new generation of Gauze Sponges with far infrared rays (Far-IR) and an anion chip.
They stay dry, are super absorbent and permeable.
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Blum Femine Pads

Blum Famine Pads

Blum is the new generation of prophylactic pads, developed with high technology based on negative ions and far infrared. It is the only female towel proven to be an effective adjunct in the management of certain bacterial infections.
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Blum Menstrual Patch

Blum Patch

Blum Patch is an innovative high-tech product that uses the energy composition of volcanic rocks Alpine, whose material emits infrared energy. It contains activated carbon and a combination of selected natural herbs.
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