DG Investments, Inc is a global leader manufacturer of various high-tech products with technology that produce and emit far infrared and negative ions.


Corporate Overview

DG Investments, Inc. started in April 2010 in the USA with the purpose of giving reservation to the needs of the global market with governments and the private sector, whose business is established in the production, purchase, sale and distribution of various high-tech products with technology that produce and emit far infrared and negative ions applied in surgical dressings, menstrual pads, prophylactic pads, treatment materials, bandages, patch for menstrual cramps, diapers for newborns and adults as well as in disposable surgical material.

Since 2000 and derived from a research event in infections of surgical wounds contaminated as well as complications in diabetic foot ulcers and recurrent urinary diseases, after a long process and a visionary look DG Investments, Inc. became a manufacture company.

Since 2010 DG Investments, Inc. embarks on an aggressive strategy for local and foreign trade for the sole purpose of providing our customers differentiated products with high technology and innovation for health.

The Blum recorded with surgical dressing brand, the sanitary napkin and pad for dysmenorrhea with negative ion band whose bactericidal and anti microbial motivated to propose to the official authorities of public health research protocol scientific research with experts and professionals health.

Our Mission

Being a leader in the manufacture, sale and distribution of products of the highest quality company, always looking to exceed the expectations of our consumers and trade partners, strengthening the efficiency and technology in manufacturing processes by implementing continuous improvement programs aimed at increasing competitiveness of our company recognizing the value of our employees and fostering a spirit of teamwork and passion for service.

Our Vision

Fully develop our business areas, reaching our goal by consolidating DG Investments, Inc. as a world-class company.

Key Facts

  • Leader manufacturer in various products using nanotechnology¬†for the health industry
  • Headquarters in Anaheim, CA, USA, since 2000
  • Products available in USA, Austria, Turkey, Romania, Mexico

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