Channels of Distribution

Channels of Distribution

Pharmacies and Supermarkets

PharmacistUsing a distribution channel through pharmacies and super markets are used as strategy and competitive advantage , as the Blum product is a satisfier of a basic necessity also providing value-added benefits addressing specific needs which may be recommended by a vendor or a user who before had a satisfactory experience with the product.

Distribution Channels

Blum is intended to choose a suitable distribution channel to have an aggressive brand penetration , trying to always be present in our end consumers , taking the availability of the product in the right quantities , at the right time and at the most affordable prices for both.

Indirect channels of distribution are determined through a strategic alliance with Medline which is a company highly specialized in the distribution and marketing of products with global presence.

Consumer Market

Consumer market

Research Protocols

Research Protocols
In order to scientifically substantiate the therapeutic properties and mechanisms of action of the band of negative ions used in surgical dressings and sanitary napkins has worked together with the medical community in North America for the sole purpose of differentiating Blum as a device medical certificate and endorsed by the scientific community and avoiding the tendency to classify as a miracle product made only on the basis of false marketing because in science that can not be verified and will not replicate an ethical product.

CIATEQ Protocol

“Evaluation of the electrical and structural properties of the Tourmaline materials with potential applications in polymer composites Nano .” (Annex 1)
Protocol General Hospital IMSS Baja & Sonora Delegation .

“Effect of application of tourmaline side dressings in diabetic foot lesions .” (Annex 2 )

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“Estimation of the characteristics of women using the Blum towels in women of reproductive age.”